Training Description

It is widely known that speaking to groups and audiences is one of the most difficult tasks which a speaker faces to accomplish with distinction; yet it is one of the most commonly used methods of communication in the business world. This course has been developed for everyone who wants to develop his / her presentation skills. The number of delegates is limited to eight in order to allow time for individual guidance and help from the course Trainer. DVD recordings play a key role in this course. They help in providing highly constructive feedback during practice sessions.

Who Should Attend?

This course targets all personnel – managers, sales professionals, marketing staff, etc., – who, as part of their job, need to deliver lively and impactful presentations to a wide audience or to the public

Training Objectives

  • Get the knowledge and skills essential to create and deliver a presentation that gets the message across in an interesting and impactful manner
  • Learn how to conquer nerves, capture attention, and get the audience on your side especially when the audience is not coherent
  • Whether your purpose is to inform, persuade, or win more business, this course will take you, step-by-step, through the stages of making successful presentations to implement your purposes

Training Duration: 3 Days

Training Program

  • Introductory to an effective presentation (essentials & elements)
  • The language of impactful presentations
  • Creating a presentation (steps, contents & organizing)
  • Structuring your presentation –from a to z
  • Developing aims & objectives for the presentation
  • Generating ideas for the presentation
  • Delegate presentations with trainer feedback
  • A logical sequence for the presentation
  • The ‘beginning’ of the presentation
  • The ‘main body’ of the presentation
  • The ‘ending’ of the presentation
  • The use of questions and audience participation in presentations
  • Delegate presentations with trainer feedback
  • Effective use of visual aids
  • Preparing yourself for the presentation
  • The challenging audience
  • Delegate presentations with trainer feedback
  • Develop your own presentation style, based on constructive feedback received during the course
  • Plan for transferring the learning back to the workplace

Spaces available on the following dates:

Material given during the training:  [DVD’s and Case Studies will be used during this course to illustrate examples of good and bad change implementation processes].

Before the course

Each delegate will be asked to complete a Pre-Course Assessment Form to determine their current level and objectives for attending the course. The content of such Form will be used by the trainer only to give tailored training that is focused on each group of delegates.

At the end of the course

Each delegate will be asked to complete an Individual Development Plan and Vocational Completion Certificate.