Training Description

Dealing with the public can at times be a challenging and stressful experience. By the end of this course, you will have learnt how to anticipate, resolve and learn from conflict situations involving the customer and will feel more confident in dealing with those difficult situations assertively and appropriately.  The course will be a lively mix of tutor led discussion and practical work including opportunity to share best practice. In-company courses provide the ideal opportunity to help staff develop a consistency of understanding, skills and approach.

Who Should Attend?

This course mainly targets managers and supervisors of staff in customer-facing roles, and those who are responsible for ensuring that the service level offered to customers is a positive differentiator for their company, which will help increase customer retention.

Training Objectives

  • Get a clear focus on improving your company’s business performance through better customer retention
  • Identify clear areas of improvement for your customer care team
  • Adopt a ‘customer-centric’ approach that will enable you to fulfil your customers’ individual needs
  • Have a better understanding of the detailed issues involved in providing top quality customer care to your customers

Training Duration: 1 day

Training Program

  • Identifying the most common causes of customer conflict in your organisation
  • Anticipating and preventing conflict
  • How to calm and contain an angry customer
  • Preventing conflict from escalating
  • Using enhanced listening and communication skills when under pressure
  • Identifying solutions that keep the customer and your employer happy
  • Dealing assertively with unacceptable behaviour
  • How to conduct a dynamic risk assessment
  • Understanding complaints and escalation procedures
  • Learning from customer conflict
  • How to say ‘no’

Material given during the training:  [DVD’s and Case Studies will be used during this course to illustrate examples of good and bad change implementation processes].

Before the course

Each delegate will be asked to complete a Pre-Course Assessment Form to determine their current level and objectives for attending the course. The content of such Form will be used by the trainer only to give tailored training that is focused on each group of delegates.

At the end of the course

Each delegate will be asked to complete an Individual Development Plan and Vocational Completion Certificate.