About the Course

Highly interactive course that provides participants with a range of creative problem solving, creativity and innovation tools and techniques, plus a framework in which to apply the skills that eliminates frustration and wheel-spinning. This innovation training course is particularly appropriate for anyone in the organization who needs to identify problems, generate ideas, or participate in implementing plans of action. Individuals in this course accomplish real work by applying their new innovation tools and techniques on real personal or organizational challenges, which result in a positive return on investment from innovation efforts. Past participants have focused on creating breakthrough products, enhancing productivity, improving the manufacturing line, strategic planning and much more, with significant gains in team effectiveness and efficiency, not to mention millions of dollars in savings.

Who Should Attend?

This course is for anyone who wants to understand and make the most of their approach to innovation.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Get creative thinking and innovation tools and techniques for generating and evaluating ideas
  • Have effective ways to solve organizational innovation problems efficiently.
  • Enables individuals, groups and teams to share a common language and process for creative problem solving
  • Drastically reduce the time required for implementing innovative solutions
  • Know the root cause analysis skills to fully understand challenges to yield creative solutions to complex issues.
  • Marshal the power of the innovation team to find innovative solutions quickly
  • Fostera culture of innovation throughout the organization
  • Create more productive and effective meetings

Course Duration: 1 day

Course Contents

  • Innovation
    • What is innovation?
    • The QO2 profile
    • Moving Towards Goals
    • Multi-Pathway Thinking
    • Optimism
    • Fault-finding
    • Time Focus
    • What are the characteristics of an innovator?
    •    How open are you to innovation?
    •    How do you approach opportunities and obstacles?
    • Goal-setting and innovation
    • Your approach to goal-setting
    • Methods for setting challenging goals
    • Four different types of thinking we all use
    • Your dominant style of thinking
    • Developing all four types of thinking for more innovative ideas
    • Characteristics of optimism and pessimism
    • Your personality – optimistic or pessimistic?
    • Techniques to stay optimistic
    • Different approaches to fault-finding
    • Your attitude towards fault-finding
    • Ways of balancing fault finding
    • Three ways of looking at time
    • Your focus – past, present or future
    • Approaches to developing forward thinking

Material given during the training:  [DVD’s and Case Studies will be used during this course to illustrate examples of good and bad change implementation processes].

Before the course

Each delegate will be asked to complete a Pre-Course Assessment Form to determine their current level and objectives for attending the course. The content of such Form will be used by the trainer only to give tailored training that is focused on each group of delegates.

At the end of the course

Each delegate will be asked to complete an Individual Development Plan and Vocational Completion Certificate.

* Discounts available for multiple bookings