Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old is the Institute?

EMTI was established by ELTS with other partners in 2013 utilizing their long experience and deep knowledge to provide high quality trainings.

2. How many locations does EMTI have?

One location, Abu Dhabi, with other offices planned over the next five years.

3.  What is the background and experience of your trainers? 

All trainers have a proven track record in the topics they train in and all have gone through a rigorous selection process before joining EMTI.

4. Are your courses tailored to the local market? 

Yes. Our courses have been designed according to local market needs. All courses have been upgraded for 2013. Most of our case studies are specific to the Gulf region.

5. Who is the Academic Director?

Wafa W. Moussa – MBA in General Management (Cum Laude), BSBA (Magna Cum Laude) at ALHOSN University & Registered Nurse (RN) with over 10 years of experience in Marketing, Business Development and Business Management. She is currently one of the co-founder, and Academic Director of Elite Management Training Institute and the General Manager of Elite Legal Translation Services.  

6. Is EMTI accepting only Emirati Students?
EMTI accepts Emirati and expatriate students as well.

7. Is EMTI related to Government sector or Private sector?
EMTI is a private Institute that is owned by ELTS in partnership with others.

8. What type of degrees does EMTI Offer?
EMTI  offers Vocational certificate licensed by ACTVET

9. What is ACTVET?

Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET); the government entity licensing and supervising training institutes.

. Are EMTI programs Licensed in the UAE?

EMTI Programs are licensed by ACTVET and some are jointly licensed by internationally accredited entities in our fields of business.

11. What is the schedule of the courses?

Refer to the EMTI Website Homepage

12. How much is the cost for one Course?

Refer to the EMTI Website Homepage

13. What are the methods of payment?

Your fee(s) must be paid at the time you make your application whether you register by the telephone, online, or in person

Fees are payable to EMTI in the form of cash, transfer or cheque.

Please note that postdated checks are not accepted.

14. Where are the training staffs from?
Trainers of various nationalities work for EMTI to provide world-class trainings.

15. Does EMTI offer discounts?
Yes. If you register with more than 3 courses you get 20% discount.

16. Does EMTI have affiliations with other Institute?
Yes, most of these are UK Institutions & Universities.

17. What are the requirements to register in EMTI?

  • Passport copy or Emirates ID
  • Filling the course registration form

18. How many courses during the whole Year?
You need to check our website and you can check all the courses we are offering in the whole year.

19.  What are the studying days?
Saturday to Friday (the whole week), including weekends, starting from 9:00AM – 10:00PM

20. Where is the location?

Mina Road, same building as Union National Bank, 6th floor, office 604

21. Is there valet parking?
Yes, we provide valet parking.

22. Does EMTI have a website?
Yes. Please visit us at

For more Information, Please provide me with your contact information and I will let the Academic counselor for the course call you.